Mohamed Ben Ghazi

-CoZi Coworking Café-

Mohamed Ben Ghazi

-CoZi Coworking Café-


I am joining the Coworking Summit to learn about: 

Coworking management, developing local community and impact investment.  

During the Coworking Summit I will contribute: 

My knowledge of how to mobilize people for a cause. I have a strong background in activism related to social rights, culture, and art.

Tell us a fun fact about your space: 

From CoZi’s terrace, you can see a small forest with migratory birds and sea view of the  Ras Errmal peninsula. When you see this every day, it’s impossible to not love your work. 

All session by Mohamed Ben Ghazi

Visit: CoZi Coworking Cafe and Houmt Souk

17:00 - 19:00
CoZi Coworking Cafe, Houmt Souq