15 Dec 2016
10:30 - 12:00
Arabica I, Arabica II, Tipasa Room


Option 1: ” Raising Funds from NGOs, Foundations & Other Institutional Donors” by Evert van der Meulen, the chief fundraising for New Silk Roads and who has experience in raising millions of euros for various NGOs and coworking spaces.

Coworking spaces are, at heart, social enterprises. That means that you are more than just your business model, and your options for funding and investment go beyond the commercial sector. This workshop is about how to translate the ‘social’ aspect of your space into non-commercial funding opportunities.

Location: Arabica I

Option 2: “How Coworking Spaces Can Support Startup Growth and Exits” by Khaled Helioui, CEO of Bigpoint, one of the leading online mobile gaming companies in Europe.

Part of a coworking space’s mission is to nurture and support local startups, including as startups start to grow and rapidly scale up. This workshop will cover the main shortfalls and bottlenecks in the growth path of a startup and what to consider and take account when preparing for an exit from the perspective of an entrepreneurship and ecosystem support structures, like coworking spaces. Since the management of a startup evolves dramatically from early stage to scale and sale, coworking spaces are well placed to provide the perspective that startups most often lack.

Location: Tipasa Room

Option 3: Effectuation for Coworking Spaces, by Keith Wallace of De Investeerdersclub and Hivos Impact Investments

As coworking spaces develop and grow, it is essential for each space to have a strong business plan which looks beyond just the nuts and bolts of daily operations. This workshop pushes coworking spaces a step forward to think about their business models, added-value, and role within their entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Location: Arabica II