15 Dec 2016
13:30 - 15:00
Arabica I, Arabica II, Tipasa Room


Option 1: “Plan and Manage Your Results” by Arthur Steiner, Project Manager of Mideast Creatives.

The coworking community is filled with great ideas that will truly change the world if put into action! This workshop will give participants all the necessary tools to transform their idea into an implementable plan and the necessary skills to run a successful social enterprise.

Location: Arabica I

Option 2: “Will They buy it? Customer Development 101” by Maie El Zeiny, Incubator Manager at Nahdet El Mahrousa, Egypt’s leading incubator for early-stage social enterprises. 

As entrepreneurs, we must learn to successfully engage our full ecosystem of players: the team, partners, beneficiaries, customers, suppliers, investors, media, local communities, society and more. In this workshop, participants will identify, map, and prioritize stakeholders; analyze their respective relationships to these groups; and use this understanding to harness the power of co-creation.

Location: Arabica II

Option 3: “Impact Assessment for Coworking Spaces” by Rima Abou Baker, Management, Monitoring and Communication Officer with GIZ.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish,” so the famous saying goes. This workshop will assist space managers in learning to plan, monitor, and evaluate their activities to best transform their many fantastic ideas and dreams into successful, impactful programs.

Location: Tipasa Room