Option 1: “You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling: How to Create a Perpetually Inclusive Environment” by Carly Slater, an entrepreneur, community director, event producer, executive coach, and public speaker.

Co-working communities are built to be open, welcoming and collaborative, right? So why is it that over time, they start to lose that loving feeling? This workshop will break down the building blocks of ongoing communities, identify pitfalls, and most importantly arm you with tools to create real solutions. 

Location: Arabica I

Option 2: “Initiating and Financing Art Spaces” by Kim Beckers,a former civil servant that now specializes in redeveloping buildings and serves as an advisor for art spaces and Floor Ziegler, a bottom-up community builder, talent finder, advocate, and bridge-builder.

Drawing from Kim’s experience in Amsterdam, this workshop will cover the basics of financing art spaces as well as creative, practical ideas for operating creative spaces on a budget. In this context, the trainers will work directly with participants to identify different types of financing needs and co-create solutions to these specific opportunities and challenges.

Location: Arabica II